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Helping Couples Get on the Same Side of Change

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Welcome to Life In Motion Resources

Take/Review a LIMRI
  • An online inventory that identifies friendship and shared values in couples and parenting relationships.
  • Personalized worksheets and growth plans that enrich relationships.
  • The Coach Model provides sustainable Marriage and Family Life Ministries.
  • Demographic questions generate customized inventories, worksheets and growth plans for dating, engaged and married couples.


The LIMRI is unique from most relationships inventories through its measurement of  friendship and shared values in premarital and married relationships. The LIMRI generates worksheets and growth plans that help couples to enrich the characteristics of friendship and shared values in their relationships.

FamilyOur Mission

Life In Motion Resources is committed to developing resources to enrich dating, engaged and marriage relationships and family life. We offer resources at affordable prices that enable churches to serve as Marriage & Family Life Resource Centers in their communities.

Chalkboard trainingLIMRI Training

Life in Motion Resources offers four training sessions per year in Westerville, Ohio for Churches, Counseling Agencies, and Christian Organizations that desire to enrich and encourage couples to develop Christ-centered relationships and Family Life. Churches outside of driving distance can schedule training in their communities by contacting us.