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The Two Enemies of Sacrificial Love

     Individualism and self-reliance are perhaps the greatest threats to a home filled with sacrificial love. Individualism seeks what is best for the individual rather than the relationship. Self-reliance is a partner to individualism where personal advancement and personal happiness is the goal of relationships. Parents who are resistant or unaware of God’s love will […]

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Shared Identities of Men and Women before and after Marriage

          In this blog I hope to demonstrate that a person’s spiritual identity before marriage is not reshaped but enriched through holy matrimony. The man and woman retain their spiritual identities as followers of Jesus and priests in God’s kingdom (1 Pet. 2:9). However, following a marriage ceremony, his or her spiritual identity enters into […]

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Benefits of Using the LIMRI in Premarital and Married Relationships

                  If one looks at contemporary dating web sites to find a future spouse, it appears as though attraction and compatibility have become standards for successful premarital and marriage relationships. Unfortunately, these characteristics create a false set of assumptions for developing and maintaining relationships for dating, engaged, and married couples. Married couples will also […]

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