Adding a Document/Audio File

Documents and audio files may be uploaded and added to pages as attachments. We have created several pages that will contain and organize these files:

  • For the general public:
    • LIMRI Documents
    • LIMRI Audio Files
  • For coaches:
    • Coach’s Documents
    • Coach’s Audio Files

Adding a document (Word, PDF file) or an audio filesas an attachment is done using the WordPress uploader to attach the document/audio to the appropriate page. It will then be automatically added to the list of available documents/audios.

Adding a New Document/Audio As an Attachment

  1. Login to the “backend” of the WordPress site using your admin username. Of course, if you are reading this you are already logged in…
  2. Click on Pages in the left sidebar to view a list of all pages.
  3. Find the appropriate page (see list above) page and click on it to edit it.
  4. You will see an Add Attachments button just above the editor toolbar. Click on this to begin the process of adding the attachment.
  5. You will be presented with a list of available media items.
    1. If your documentaudio is already uploaded, it will appear in this list. If so, click on it.
    2. If your document/audio is not already uploaded, click on the Upload Files tab. You will then be able to click on Select Files to select and upload your file.
  6. Once the file is selected or uploaded, you’ll see some additional information in the right-hand panel:
    1. Edit the Title and Caption fields as appropriate. The title will appear as the link that users will use to click on to download this document, so make sure it is descriptive.
    2. Click on Add Attachments button at the bottom to add the document/audio as an attachment.
    3. NOTE! For audio files, do NOT click on Insert JW Player unless you want the video player to appear on the page. I recommend it not be there. The page will automatically create a list of available audio files to be played. The page itself does NOT need to be modified.
  7. The attachment has been added to the page!
  8. If you scroll down in the page edit window, you’ll see a panel called WP Better Attachments. This lists all of the attachments known for this page. Within this panel:
    1. You can add additional attachments using the Add Attachments button (this is the same as clicking on the Add Attachments button at the top of the editor window).
    2. You can modify the title or caption for the attachment.
    3. At the top-right of each attachment is a small box with the 3 lines in it. By clicking and dragging, you can re-order the attachments to change the order they will be shown on the page.
  9. In ALL cases, be sure to click on the Publish (or Publish and Close) button at the top-right of the edit page to save your changes!