Mission and Vision

FamilyLife In Motion Resources is committed to developing resources to enrich marriages and families. We offer resources at affordable prices that enable churches to serve as Marriage & Family Life Resource Centers in their communities.


  • The Life in Motion Relationships and Family Life Inventory.
  • Journey to Oneness (marriage curriculum).
  • Stepping In (Domestic Abuse curriculum)
  • Marriage and Parent Coach Model.
  • Parenting Children into Adulthood (parenting curriculum)


Churches, Counseling Centers and Christian ministries will be able to extend quality and affordable Marriage & Family Life resources to couples and families who are not connected to a local church. One of the greatest desires of couples and parents is to experience long-term healthy relationships and family life. Christian and unchurched couples are asking the same question, who can help me prepare or sustain a healthy relationship and family life? Churches are uniquely equipped to invite couples into loving Christ-centered communities.

Due to the break down of family life many young adults grew up without the benefits of healthy marriages and families. These young adults whether single, cohabiting or married are seeking help and resources. The church is filled with couples who are committed to marriage and family life including couples in long-term marriages, remarried couples and formerly cohabiting couples. These couples serves as valuable resources to cohabiting and remarried couples in their communities who want more for their relationships.

Life in Motion Resources helps churches to equip couples to serve as relationship coaches. Relationships and Parent Coaches enrich church life and offers encouragement and resources to couples and families not connected to local churches. The church is the best hope for premarital couples looking to prepare for marriage and married couples wanting to sustain healthy marriages and family life.