Bible and ringsThe LIMRI is an online inventory that identifies up to twenty-three different areas (targets) in relationships and family life such as communication, conflict resolution and parenting. The results will help couples to identify:

  • Relationship Strengths.
  • Areas where couples agree that improvement is needed.
  • Areas where couples disagree with each other.

Couples are asked to agree or disagree with statements that describe their relationship. Examples include:

  • I am a good listener
  • My spouse is a good listener
  • I resolve conflicts quickly
  • My fiance resolves conflicts quickly
  • I pray with my spouse regularly
  • I pray with my spouse regularly

These statements are based on Biblical principles and healthy relationship practices. Personalized worksheets are generated based upon each person’s answers. There are three different types of worksheets:

  • Strength Worksheets – These worksheets allow couples to identify behaviors that are in agreement with Biblical principles and healthy relationship practices. Couples discuss how these strengths bless and enhance their relationship
  • Improvement Needed Worksheets – These worksheets are generated when each person asks for improvement from his/her spouse/partner. One example of this is when the woman and man disagree with the following statements: “I am a good listener and “My spouse is a good listener.”
  • Disagreement Worksheets – These worksheets are generated when couples disagree with the statements or with each others view. One example is the man agrees with the statement “I am quick to forgive my spouse/partner” but the woman disagrees with the statement “My spouse/partner is quick to forgive me.”

Each worksheet includes:

  • Bible Verses
  • Principles
  • Discussion Questions
  • Practical Applications
  • Questions for the couple to ask each other (The “Two Questions”)
  • Questions for the coach to ask the couple

CoupleThe LIMRI worksheets and growth plans allow couples to identify and enrich the percentage of friendship and shared values in their relationships. Each worksheet and growth plan that couples complete will increase relationship satisfaction.