Online Coaching Sessions Bundle


The online coaching bundle offers couples confidential coaching sessions from an experienced marriage coach. Couples will schedule three live online coaching sessions via Zoom and interact regularly with their coach through online worksheets, growth plans and videos. The coaching bundle allows couples to grow at a pace that is best suited for them. The coach is flexible and available as needed. These sessions are for dating, engaged, married couples and parents.

This bundle contains:

Online Coaching Session × 3

Working with an experienced coach is an excellent gift to your relationship. A coach is a friend of the relationship. Every couple has a friend or family member that cares about them individually. But a friend of the relationship is more difficult to find. A couple can schedule a coaching session as needed.

Journey to Oneness

The Journey to Oneness has helped thousands of premarital and married couples to develop, enrich and experience vibrant relationships. Hundreds of crisis couples have reconciled their marriages using the Journey to Oneness Model.

(or) Parenting Your Children into Adulthood

Parenting Your Children Into Adulthood, offers parents encouragement, resources, spiritual guidance and practical applications that empowers and equips them to prepare their children to become emotionally and relationally mature adults.

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