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Journey to OnenessThe Journey to Oneness, has helped thousands of premarital and married couples to develop, enrich and experience vibrant relationships. Hundreds of crisis couples have reconciled their marriages using the Journey to Oneness Model.

What Should You Expect from the Journey to Oneness?

The Journey to Oneness shows how relationships transition from individualism towards interdependence and a shared identity. Couples will discover that intimacy and commitment increase as they progress from one stage to the next.

Premarital couples will find that the Journey to Oneness empowers them to establish healthy boundaries that promote mutuality in friendships and validation of each others values. Dating couples are responsible to encourage each others pursuit of their dreams and goals. Couples in the friendship/ dating stage are not a “we” but two friends who are learning to have each others best interest in mind.

Married couples will be revisiting or reinvesting in one or more of the stages of the Journey to Oneness that are underdeveloped in order to cultivate the characteristics of friendship or shared values in their relationship.

At times, couples will prioritize their parenting responsibilities, careers or hobbies above their friendship with each other. When this happens, couples feel disconnected, even though they are committed to their marriage and family life. Couples will be able to rekindle their friendship by reinvesting in areas of communication, conflict resolution or sexual intimacy.

The Journey to Oneness offers resources and practical application that allow couples to establish the foundations of friendship and shared values. For some couples, values were underdeveloped while others began their marriage without a strong friendship.

How to Use Journey to Oneness

Throughout this book, you will read the stories of premarital and married couples who are addressing topics such as communication, conflict resolution, financial management or marital crisis. These stories represent real-life circumstances that will help couples to learn new ways of communicating and resolving conflict. Journey to Oneness can be used individually or in group settings by premarital or married couples.

The first half of the book will enrich friendship and shared values in premarital and marriage relationships. The second half of the book reveals how to restore broken trust and reconcile crisis relationships.

In order to enrich couple satisfaction in dating, engaged and marriage relationships, Life In Motion Resources™ is offering a free Relationships Growth Plan for my readers. The Life In Motion Relationships Inventory (LIMRI) measures friendship, shared values and couple satisfaction in dating, engaged and married relationships. You can find out more about the LIMRI at To receive the free inventory, go to

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FGutzman_ParentingBook_FinalChoices2Parenting Your Children Into Adulthood, offers parents encouragement, resources, spiritual guidance and practical applications that empowers and equips them to prepare their children to become emotionally and relationally mature adults. The PAC model invites parents to utilize the characteristics of nurture, values, mutuality and interdependence as building blocks of discipleship and maturity that empowers children to understand what is best and good about relationships and family life.

I believe that parents are the gatekeepers of truth, faith, hope and righteousness. Their children will influence cultural values concerning relationships and family life over the next twenty years. Parenting Your Children Into Adulthood, will assist parents to empower their children to be the change-agents in a culture that struggles to develop and maintain long-term relationships. I am hopeful that parents be encouraged and equipped to raise up a generation that turns our culture toward biblical values and healthy family life.

Couples who read Parenting Your Children Into Adulthood, will be eligible to receive a free inventory. The Parent-LIMRI generates personalized worksheets and growth plans that identifies areas of parental agreement (strengths) and disagreement (improvement needed). These worksheets utilize Scriptures, principles, discussion questions and practical applications that enriches couple satisfaction in the area of parenting our children.

The Life in Motion Relationship Inventory (LIMRI) measures friendship and shared values in couples and parenting relationships. In each book there is a link that couples use to complete the personalized inventory. You can find out more about the LIMRI at Readers can take the free parent inventory at Buy this book