The acronym “TRUST” provides a pathway to restore trust in relationships.

T Turn away from self-centered behaviors

R – Responsibility – fulfilling commitments.

UUnderstanding toward offended person.

S – Seek out godly counsel.

T – Truthfulness and disclosure

T—Turn away from self-centered behaviors: What activities, outside commitments, friendships, habits, etc… threaten the priority of your relationship? I need to turn away from anyone or anything that is not a “friend” of my marriage

R—Responsibility – fulfilling commitments. I must actively seek to reduce chaos/disorder that my actions have created in my relationship. I will be a person of integrity and do what I said I would do such as finishing tasks, financial accountability, moral accountability, etc…

U – Understanding toward the offended person. My actions and behaviors affect my relationship in negative ways and I am committed to be sympathetic and compassionate to the person that my actions have created pain and broken trust.

S – Seek out godly counsel – I will active purse professional or pastoral counseling in order to restore the areas of broken trust as a result of my actions.

T – Truthfulness and Disclosure. Without truthfulness and disclosure couples cannot rebuild trust. Before a relationship can be restored there must be an ending of unhealthy/sinful behaviors. Couples must allow a counselor or pastor to help guide them in these areas.

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