Entrepreneurs and Marriage

Many premarital couples managed their relationship like a startup company. The engagement and wedding plans took up most of their time and resources. They wanted the benefits and stability of a life-long relationship without developing a marriage plan, nor did they take the time to understand each other’s family of origins or their personality differences.

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Supporting Couples & Families

The most significant loss to a couple is the loss of hope. Psalms 61 says, “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I”. Marital counseling is so beneficial. However, relationships experience reconciliation when one or both spouses want to move forward from a restored hope. This type of hope can only come from spending time in God’s presence.

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The Creepy Things People Do

You may be one of the billions of people who have done a creepy thing that deeply wounded your spouse and children and come to know that nothing could repair the breach of integrity, trust, or dignity inflicted upon them and yourself.

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Does Winning Take Care of Everything?

Tiger’s family of origin failed him, and his biggest sponsor did the same. However, you can win by following a different pathway. Doing the hard work of reconciliation will benefit your life and start a legacy of truth and hope for family and friends.

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