Spiritual Growth Plan for Couples

Spiritual growth plans keep couples in sync with each other as they work, parent, serve, play, or fulfill daily responsibilities. Couples who share prayers and devotions receive spiritual and emotional benefits by seeking godly wisdom together. When schedules do not match up couples can share his or her personal prayer requests, devotional readings or meditations […]

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What if Marriages had Trademarks?

Consumers are protected by corporate trademarks. Trademarks ensure customer satisfaction for goods or services that are purchased, no matter which state or country he or she resides. However, trademark infringement is commonplace, threatening the reputations of legitimate companies as customers purchase goods or services that are inferior or unsafe. Trademark infringements are successful because customers […]

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Better New Year Resolutions Lead to Better Relationships

New Year Resolution #1 I will stop saying negative words to my spouse vs. I will speak blessings upon my spouse.      The Scriptures and the Holy Spirit empower couples to be expressions of goodness and godliness in their relationships. Typically, struggling couples will think that stopping negative behaviors or habits are pathways to peace […]

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Benefits of Using the LIMRI in Premarital and Married Relationships

                  If one looks at contemporary dating web sites to find a future spouse, it appears as though attraction and compatibility have become standards for successful premarital and marriage relationships. Unfortunately, these characteristics create a false set of assumptions for developing and maintaining relationships for dating, engaged, and married couples. Married couples will also […]

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