Spiritual Growth Plan for Couples

Spiritual growth plans keep couples in sync with each other as they work, parent, serve, play, or fulfill daily responsibilities. Couples who share prayers and devotions receive spiritual and emotional benefits by seeking godly wisdom together. When schedules do not match up couples can share his or her personal prayer requests, devotional readings or meditations […]

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What is Relational Maturity?

          An added benefit to using the LIMRI in premarital preparation and marriage enrichment is its ability to identify healthy relationship factors such as relational maturity.           Relational maturity denotes one’s ability or willingness to connect on both emotional and cognitive levels with their fiancé or spouse. There are twenty-one statements in the LIMRI that […]

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Shared Identities of Men and Women before and after Marriage

          In this blog I hope to demonstrate that a person’s spiritual identity before marriage is not reshaped but enriched through holy matrimony. The man and woman retain their spiritual identities as followers of Jesus and priests in God’s kingdom (1 Pet. 2:9). However, following a marriage ceremony, his or her spiritual identity enters into […]

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Glamour Magazine interview

Glamour Magazine, in an interview with Paula Haag, author of Marriage Confidential, asked about the semi-happy marriage. Glamour: Why did you decide to write this book? Pamela Haag: I was drawn to it by the marriages that I saw every day, including my own. I’m married to a great guy, and he’s a wonderful husband. […]

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