What Is Your Identity and Purpose In Life and Marriage?

Identity – Every believer has been transformed into the image of Jesus. The theological word is: incarnational – You are his feet, hands, mouth (words) and love reaching out to your spouse, family, friends, coworkers and world. Purpose of every woman – The primary purpose of a woman before marriage is to glorify God in […]

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Changing the Cultural Ideals Toward Marriage

In my experience as a pastor, I have found that many people find themselves unprepared to love someone sacrificially because of the negative effects of divorce or abandonment on modern family life. The formation of a shared identity is difficult when someone’s identity was distorted or underdeveloped due to an unstable home life. Many of […]

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Shared Identities of Men and Women before and after Marriage

          In this blog I hope to demonstrate that a person’s spiritual identity before marriage is not reshaped but enriched through holy matrimony. The man and woman retain their spiritual identities as followers of Jesus and priests in God’s kingdom (1 Pet. 2:9). However, following a marriage ceremony, his or her spiritual identity enters into […]

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