The Power of a Name

When someone speaks your name, something special happens. You become centered. Another way to describe “centered” is your capacity to be relational in a personal or group setting. To be relational comes from being confident in who you and your capacity to give and receive love. You may have been in a coffee shop with […]

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What Is Your Identity and Purpose In Life and Marriage?

Identity – Every believer has been transformed into the image of Jesus. The theological word is: incarnational – You are his feet, hands, mouth (words) and love reaching out to your spouse, family, friends, coworkers and world. Purpose of every woman – The primary purpose of a woman before marriage is to glorify God in […]

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Changing the Cultural Ideals Toward Marriage

In my experience as a pastor, I have found that many people find themselves unprepared to love someone sacrificially because of the negative effects of divorce or abandonment on modern family life. The formation of a shared identity is difficult when someone’s identity was distorted or underdeveloped due to an unstable home life. Many of […]

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