Mutuality and Marriage

The majority of couples that I work with desire to experience the benefits and intimacy of one-flesh marriages. One-flesh marriages are often misunderstood and considered mysterious. Fortunately, the attribute of mutuality guides couples into both the spiritual and practical elements of one-flesh marriages. The attribute of mutuality in marriage relationships allow couples to: Reflect the […]

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What Is Your Identity and Purpose In Life and Marriage?

Identity – Every believer has been transformed into the image of Jesus. The theological word is: incarnational – You are his feet, hands, mouth (words) and love reaching out to your spouse, family, friends, coworkers and world. Purpose of every woman – The primary purpose of a woman before marriage is to glorify God in […]

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Do You Know How To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship?

The acronym “TRUST” provides a pathway to restore trust in relationships. T – Turn away from self-centered behaviors R – Responsibility – fulfilling commitments. U –Understanding toward offended person. S – Seek out godly counsel. T – Truthfulness and disclosure T—Turn away from self-centered behaviors: What activities, outside commitments, friendships, habits, etc… threaten the priority […]

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