Become a Relationships Coach


This bundle of 9 videos will cover Ron Hitchcock’s presentations on A Missional Vision for Marriage and Family Life.

This bundle contains:

Become a Relationships Coach - Overview

The Become a Relationship Coach Overview video outlines how coaching is a discipleship process that helps a couple grow in their faith and develop a missional view of a marriage relationship.

A Missional Vision

This video will present the missional vision used throughout this course's teaching series.

The Six Stages of a Journey to Oneness

Ron Hitchcock presents important information from his Journey to Oneness book.

Change Process

Change is an important part of the coaching experience. Ron Hitchcock will describe how to address and benefit from change.

Parenting Your Child into Adulthood

The video teaching will explain the Parent Model and how to develop a plan to guide your children into and out of each of the four stages: Nurture, Values, Mutuality, and Interdependence stages.

The Goal of Coaching: Model Healthy Relationships

The Goal of Coaching is to help couples learn to enrich their relationship on their own by using the LIMRI growth plans, worksheets, active listening, and coaching model.

The LIMRI: Life In Motion Relationships Inventory

The Life in Motion Relationship Inventory is a comprehensive and practical assessment that measures friendship and shared values in premarital, marriage, and parenting relationships. Couples will receive a one-year growth plan allowing couples to grow at a pace that is best for them.

Online Coaching Sessions

The online coaching sessions lay out a clear plan to help couples to prepare couples to discuss areas of strength, improvement needed, and disagreements. Coaches teach and model active listening and prayer that equips a couple to continue after completing their coaching sessions.

Couples DISC Inventory

The Couples DISC video is a helpful resource for couples who want to get a thorough explanation of the Couples DISC for their relationship. Even though the video is a part of a larger presentation for relationship coaches you discover many applications for your relationship.

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