Step Parenting Bundle


This bundle includes the Step Parenting LIMRI and the Parenting Your Child into Adulthood video. The Stepfamily Assessment is comprehensive and practical and an excellent resource for couples. Stepfamilies allow parents to restore the losses that children experience due to divorce, death of a parent, or a never-married parent who is now in a relationship. Couples who understand how to support each other’s responsibilities as a biological and stepparent will establish more profound levels of trust and respect in their relationship. Children thrive in a home where trust, respect, nurture, and playfulness are active in their parents’ relationship.

This bundle contains:

Step Parenting

The Step-Family Parent LIMRI is a great resource for couples because it is comprehensive and practical. Parenting well together will increase the relationship satisfaction of premarital and married couples. The Step-Family LIMRI will give couples resources and practical applications that can bless and enrich a combined family.

Parenting Your Child into Adulthood

The video teaching will explain the Parent Model and how to develop a plan to guide your children into and out of each of the four stages: Nurture, Values, Mutuality, and Interdependence stages.

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